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December 23, 2011


Oh he's going to LOVE this! :)

Happy Happy to you as well! So glad to have "met you" this year. :)


RM embeds sekrit messages in his music...

Next, YL will be complaining about engineers and Scott Walker.

Thunder presumes she doesn't already.

Zombie subliminal is strong stuff.

Hi, Lamblets! they should hear the Metal Xmas album I downloaded this year.

I believe I put some Blue Girl singifying on that CD, didn't I?

Yes, there is some Glue Birl on there.

It's been nice to meet you as well, Laura!!

Merry Festivus to your family, Jennifer. May your holiday sugar be extra white.

May your holiday sugar be extra white.

My holiday sugar is every color of the rainbow this year, just to gall Ron Paul.

Yes, there is some Glue Birl on there.

That ought to shut her up.

Lookit zrm axing for trouble...

Happy Holidays everyone.

Scariest fish comment EVER.

Scariest without a link that is.

ZRM embeds sekrit messages in his music...

"Send more cops!"

Merry Christmas Jennifer and Family!

That ought to shut her up.

I heard that.

This game is actually pretty good.

Looks nearly as uplifting as this one, Substance.

Interestingly (and realistically) at least half the time we played it, nobody won.

I was hoping we'd be getting some explanations, he queried.

Thanks BG!

Hmmm, my first thought when looking at Substance's game recommendation was... how well will it burn?? All board games played over the holidays must be flammable...

will it burn??

I think you mean will it blend??

No, I meant, will it burn.

That game I linked to includes burning as PART OF THE GAME.

That game I linked to includes burning as PART OF THE GAME.

Even better!

I LIKE the new layout!

But then, I think snow is cold, so who am I to say?

OK, am I having an episode now?


Which one? I've just been messing around... thinking I might shake it up a bit, but also, not finding a good 3-column deal that will let me arrange the way I want.

Anyhow, I've had about 4 different ones up, so I don't know which you saw.

I can't find any I like in the 3-column layout so we're back with the gawd-forsaken pink... I found others I liked better, but when I put things into the 3 column format, it still jammed them into 2, but left one wide open. Grrrr.

I'm going for the split version for a while. It's what I had when I started.

Ooooo, I hope everyone welcomes the changes just as effusively as they did when I was changing things around!


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