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December 21, 2011


The squirrels busted your lonk, Jennifer.

See what happens when you consort with THOSE TYPES?

Oh fer cry...

Thanks for the heads up. It should be fixed now, and squirrel-proof!

NOTHING is skwirl-proof!!!

Did somezombie say swirls?

Swirls of Squirrels in the world.

Were hurled.

This used to be Big Golden Dog's favorite toy... until it was reduced to a gray, smelly flap of fabric... but he could still find it in the backyard. I think it finally got dosed with some weed-killer so we did the finally hurling of the squirrel.

I encourage Lucifer to chew on the squirrel-shaped toys.

Ha! Ha!

That's awesome! :)


Made my day. Now, my day sucking made it VERY makeable, but you guys jumped into the breach. Well done!

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