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December 14, 2011


I got around to clicking on your post!

Now I'm exhausted and need a nap.

Zombie applauds artists breaking free of Media corporations.

Now, let Louie know I am available to design his office/loft/house.

Cool, I did not know about this. He is the best stand-up working these days.

You are late with your $5 payment for my friendship.

That is one cool concept that will have the corporate overlords wee weeing up for a while. The trailer at the buying place is very funny too. Hmmm he said eyeing the bent and ragged credit card. What say you, my pretty?

I'm not familiar with his work. I'll have to do some investigating.

"Fire up the van, and get the Great Dane!"

I LOVE him! He's hilarious. :)
Cool experiment. ;p


I watched it last night, Jennifer. What did you think?

I was in tears at the end. I love his stuff, even when he's painfully raunchy, and I think he's gone too far.

The part where he was in Kansas City?? Tears, I was in tears. And the end?? Where he wants to be free of the thoughts that plague him? More tears. We all know I hate the P-word. He can say the P-word and it's funny, or poignant. Anyhow, I was happy to see new Louis.

Of course this type of marketing only works when you already have a huge base. He's got that. As AK said, it's kind of fun to watch him mess with the corporate overlords.

even when he's painfully raunchy, and I think he's gone too far.

Which he so can go!!!

The Kansas City part had me in absolute tears too. Streaming tears. SO. FUNNY.

Puffy pink balloons. :)

Also, I've been laughing about God asking what a job is all day. Also: Monopoly. lol

Yeah, good for him and his project. Happy to see someone sidestep the BS and do something really cool and really affordable for their loyal fans, instead of sucking them dry/using them for all their worth.

Also, whoever he had do his site did it so well. The process was completely painless.

Of course I have to qualify this statement with: I KNOW IT'S MEAN. But, I just love his bits about kids.

Yeah, he said he wanted the site to be like that... full proof. They spared little expense on it, what did he say? $32,000?

I am often amazed at how he can go so far. Chewed Up is also EXTREMELY funny and so true. I laugh to tears on that one as well.

Hilarious is also funny. They're all funny!

Yes, puffy balloons. And the image of him doing his "push ups"! "She doesn't want to snuggle! SHE'S HORNY!" LOL!


Put your shoes on!

Yes, he has a way with summing up parental exasperation. You'd never say it, but there are days...

I love this one. I wish they had the longer version. They cut off the end...

Makes me wish I had five bucks....

Me too zrm!
Me too.....


My copy froze with about ten minutes left! I may have to download again. But I loved it. The part about giving up his airplane seat was such a classic Louis CK bit.

I love Louie as he cares about our planet and the people that live on it. Thanks for this post as I did not know about his grand experiment. ;) If I wasn't caring for all the abandoned felines in my hood I would gladly give him five bucks and not blink an eye.

Yay for caring about the abandoned felines. I'd take all abandoned dogs if I could... I'd take felines if I weren't allergic. :)

Oh what the hell...I paid my five bucks..and will forgo something stupid I buy every month. ;)

We have also taken in a couple of abandoned doggies too..they become family members as the Ball n' Chain is a massive dog-lover and one, a pit named Baby will always be the best dog I have ever had..sadly she passed on a few years ago from cancer but I think of her daily as she loved all our damn cats and had the patience of a saint w/the kittens. There wasn't a mean bone in Baby's body, bless her wonderful soul. ;)

The newest abandoned canine, Goliath, came to us about a year ago and is a chihuahua that thinks all the cats are here to be his personal playtoys..he is such a hoot that little guy. Smart as a whip and he drives all the cats and the Ball n' Chain nuts..but I think that is his job LOL.

I'm looking forward to watching when I am at home.

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