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December 10, 2011




I forgot to add that the box also contained a little bit of dried rotini... it added that true peanut brittle sound when you moved the box.

He's an evil genius.

the plan was formulated by someone else I lahve


I wasn't here back then, but I will try to dream that I was.

I knew where thundra's link was going, and lahve it.

DOH! I speeled LAHVA rong.

Cool post, Jennifer.
Bayd speeling boyz to the bac uf th clas!


So awesome and fun, Jennifer!!

Q: What's in the box?

A; Pain...

Gotta love the whole elaborate series of inside jokes. Awesome!

So are you done with wrangling for the year, he inquired diplomatically?

Yes... I am currently on a wrangling hiatus.

I love this post - and the sweet contiuation of this joke!

Q: What's in the box?
A; Pain...

The Bene Gesserit brought ITTDGY a Gom Jabbar for $mas!

either that, or the Creed box set, hdb.

I had a big bad plan like this for a Costco-sized tub of mayo, but never initiated the long-awaited triumphal exchange. Sigh.


Also, heh to Doc and Zomb above.

You need lots of wrapping paper to disguise a 55-gallon drum of lube.

that is awesome. I will never hear crinkly packaging the same way again.

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