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November 04, 2011



Did you listen though?? He kind of says bronze with a 'p' sound!

I am usually paying more attention to the other POM commercial.

Yeah... Aphrodite????

She was as firm as prawns as well. :)

I find it sexist that you can use men's nipples to sell juice but not women's.

The FCC demands that nipples be as firm as prawns. Maybe Aphrodite's nips were phoning it in... you know what I'm sayin'?

Juice comes out of men's nipples?



Prawn juice.

You say "duh" and I say "chow"

So this is what I miss by not having a TeeVee machine?

Pom is slang from Englanders down thisaway. Now they had bodies as firm as prawns.
Why did the dude go off into the desert with his bottle of pickled prawns? He was gonna sit on the bottle or somethin? Them olden times warrior guys were a little odd, I believe.

O.T. But I just noticed Snag put up 275 posts in 2008!?!?

He's a funny guy!

Yes, Snag is a funny man... and he used to be prolific, post-wise, then he got a life... Bully for him. Boo for us.

AK- Those old warriors did have some funny ways... best to ignore and carry on!

B^4- You live a crap-free life?!?! Wow. More power to you!

Sounds like BBBB gets plenty of crap. At least that's what I think when reading his blog.

Sounds like BBBB gets plenty of crap. At least that's what I think when reading his blog.

Not really, it's just that the little crap I get usually makes for interesting writing, if not reading.

I heard prawns too even though I knew it wasn't prawns! You are not alone! lol

I guess prawns are solid... kind of dense... especially if cooked the right way. They're probably really buff for their taxonomic group.

Now if you want a hard-body crustacean then the Ostracods are the taxon to look at.

In terms of attitude you can't go past the Mantis shrimps. My god those are mean motherfeckers.

It's prawns. No doubt whatsoever.

Bronze Prawns will be our new band name.

Mantis Shrimp vs. Emerald Crab

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