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October 13, 2011


On sale, even!

They are being sold for scientific experiments.

Do they require test subjects?

didja see the link I put up at your place, MenD Birthhthtday Boy?

beer with 11% alcohol. Local barkeeps call it "Rocket Fuel".

I used to shoot on a dart team (real darts, not that plastic crap) and our team was noted in the league for being FAR more interested in drinking than darts. And even we could only tolerate one pitcher before moving on to less intense beverages. OK, maybe two pitchers.

You get down here during the fall holidaze, and we will test you. O my yes.

O more stories, O my yes.

One of my good friends is a home brewer, and was in a club with the Lakefront guys, back when they operated out of Riverwest; one year he had a party, at which they provided him with a 1/4 bbl of the Holiday Spice.

At the time, it was NOT ALLOWABLE to sell commercially. I dunno the reason. Either because of alcohol volume or they included UNAPPROVED SUBSTANCES. In any case, this was beer that could make you see God.

In any case, my wife and I (no lightweights when it comes to the beer) loved the beer, but both of us knew better than to drink more than two pints. So we switched to the lighter beer Mike had available. Which was Huber Bock.

zrm seems fired up. I thought that was bad for zombies?

Just wait until I post my newest squirrel video.

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