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August 29, 2011


I am intrigued about this moon garden.
Tell me more.

Would you grow orbs in your moon garden?

Von- I added an illustration from a book I've had forever. As you can see and read, a moon garden is compromised mainly of flowers that open up at night. It's also mainly white and silver-green plants, plants that will look luminous under moonlight... also plants that are very fragrant.

I always wanted to do that tepee... basically a trellis on which the flowers could vine. The tepee would take some space.

Thundra- first thing that popped into my mind are those white gourds/pumpkins. They're kind of orb-ish.


LOL! I have never heard that song before. Needs more Uvularia...

Enjoyed the Moondance, thanks Jennifer.

A garden like that of Mazirian the Magician would be even better!

Needs more Uvularia...
Oh well done.


My vine covered tent has leeks in it.

The explaining voice, explained.


that sounds awesome J. At night the nearby freeway sounds like a river.
that is what I tell myself.

That reminds me of the movie, Sneakers, where Robert Redford was in the trunk of a car and was trying to retrace his route via noises he heard. He said they drove past a cocktail party. It was really a large group of cranes or some other kind of water bird.


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