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August 09, 2011


And if you were a bee, you'd be thinking, "I'm going to tell all my sisters about this as soon as I get back to the hive!"

We have a field of it next to our new condo. Beautiful!

Have you heard about Giant Hogweed, Jennifer? That sort of looks like Queen Anne's Lace, but GIANT? It's crazy! It can burn you and blind you!!

Sorry to take your lovely post into the KILLER PLANTS territory. :)

At least you didn't post a spider pic, bg.


BG- those would be awesome if they weren't so heinous!!

thundra- I actually manned-up and took a photo of a speedra last week! There was little activity going on so when I happened upon what looked like a harmless Daddy Long Leg variety... I took the photo... which is now missing from my memory card and my computer. No doubt it's loose in my house!!!!

LOL, Jennifer. I'm not sure that Daddy Long Legs count as real speedras anyways.

P.S. A certain Mike Ditka has been in teh news lately. So here's this.


I gotta sassage caught in my a-orda!

Also, it was so a real speedra!!! However, there were 8 million of what you would consider "real" speedras scurrying about in the garden today as I ripped weeds out. Guh... Thank GAWD for garden gloves, shoes, and heavy gardening implements.

lol @ "it was so" -- !!

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