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August 24, 2011


So wistful!

And glorious! You forgot glorious! :)

And glorious! How could I forget?

Wanna trade orange dogs?

We have a lake for him....

Wanna trade orange dogs?

No. But thanks for the offer.

Thundra- the cardinal outside my window is finishing every chirp with a ~ ... just sayin'.

But thanks for the offer.

you need the sarcasm smiley after that.


I'd happily take him, but will not be giving up Mr. Handsome...

Her. Lucy. Lucifer.

That's right! I used to have only girl dogs and then at some point, boy dogs entered my life.

The boys would love her.

boy dogs entered my life.

Calling all filthbots.

Orange dog seems kind of grizzled around his snout region.

Orange dog will be 8 this October so is indeed becoming more grizzled. Grizzled will also be turning a year older this October and is much, much more grizzled.

I am sad for squirmy dog. Why didn't he get a technicolor dreamcoat too?

No need to be sad for squirmy dog.

There are those few that ARE extra magical spirits... No doubt. xox

No doubt, indeed. :)

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