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August 08, 2011


Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.
I'm lucky to know you.
Great post!

Happy, Happy!

Plus... I added a YouTube... which is even harder work than merely reposting. :)

And yes, thanks for breaking a sweat for us.


And yes, thanks for breaking a sweat for us.

I had to save my energy so I could break a sweat in the yard... tackling the 3 weeks worth of weeds that I had been ignoring... No one wants to weed when it's 90+ out, but of course the freakin' weeds are now in monster-esque.

Thanks, Von!!!

Happy anniversary- time to get a sitter for the lamblets and rock the proverbial Casbah!

Happy Anniversary, Jennifer & Grizzled!! And many, many more!!

I should have opted for one a them 'terror drags'.

Happy Anniversary, Jennifer and Grizzled.

Have a good anniversary you two.

I should have opted for one a them 'terror drags'.

Yeah, but it wouldn't have been the same as behind the Ski Whore... which is long gone.

Thanks for the kind wishes, everyone! Onward!

Also... Go Wisconsin!! Good luck in the elections!

I'm torn - I will watch the lamblets, but I also want to join in on the rockin' the casbah part....

Yay. That is all.


EL is old enough to babysit so no babysitters are needed unless we're leaving town and going to the actual Casbah...

Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary.

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