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July 07, 2011


I predict a scolding from BBBB for not creating a dream-weed salad.

Oh, I know. I fully expect it... and while I'm usually a little more adventurous, also open to living and let live. These weeds can suck it!

I just found a fungi lair. I noticed the ground was about 7 inches higher in one spot than it had been. I yanked out some crabgrass and with it came a whole network of fungi balls. These tend to sprout when the weather has been particularly wet, which it has been. Once they've sprung from the ground, the YL goes after them with a 9 iron.

i must protest the violence against fungi1!

i shall inform PETF!

Thanks for the shout-out! If you don't like the flavor of "straight" purslane, try adding it to salads. There's a shitton of purslane on the grounds of my workplace, and the wild raspberries are coming in. There are still mulberries to be had, and I found a huge patch of lambs' quarters on the outskirts of Van Cortland Park. There's also a lot of burdock (gobo root) around, but I'm not sure I want to be digging holes in public.

Once they've sprung from the ground, the YL goes after them with a 9 iron.

That's awesome, it's like she asked "What would Thunder do?"

I prefer my pitching wedge for that shot, B^4.

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