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July 15, 2011


I'd like to see your backyard. It seems pretty awesome.

It's not very big, thunder, but we make the most of it. Grizzled also plowed under a side yard so we could plant more veggies, flowers, etc, so we make use of that space. It's disguised enough from people driving or walking past the front so they don't have to see the horrors of non-suburban lawn. :)

It's kind of freeform. I have a volunteer columbine in an awkward spot by my front porch, but I don't have the heart to dig it out. I love volunteer plants and feel like it they had the gumption to happen, then they should be able to stay. Weeds are not volunteers... most weeds are bullies. :)

I always make note of wild raspberry patches wherever I go. I've been scarfing them for the past week, and expect another week of some primo raspberry foraging.

Looking for brambles,
During my rambles.

These are wild in that our neighbor grew them and they poked through the hedge and settled down. We were more than happy to welcome the visit. They are also ever bearing so if the weather is kind, we've had them as late as November.

I remember all of the spots that had wild raspberries around my childhood home.

God, I wish I could give you some of my purslane!!!

When life gives you raspberries, make a Belgian Lambic.

Seconded. Also tarts.

They look wonderful. Yummity yum

Or are these from teh Zombies secret stash??? Pickled brains for Zombie cocktail partays!!!

I'll never look at them the same again. :)

'round here there are usually lots of free mulberries in May. This year I was too busy to go walking around and eating off the trees.

Went wandering in the Seymour Valley the other day (did I mention visiting Vancouver?) and there were Salmonberries every feckin' where.

did I mention visiting Vancouver?

When, precisely?

Went wandering in the Seymour Valley the other day (did I mention visiting Vancouver?) and there were Salmonberries every feckin' where.

Ruh roh, you're gonna make a lot of people upset...

When, precisely?
Tuesday to Sunday.
Salmonberries do not taste like salmon. Imagine my disappointment.

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