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July 15, 2011



I'm listening! I'm listening!!

Look a little northwest on I-90 for your answer

I will confess to just having a little mini dance-a-thon to Donna Summer...which helped. This is a perfect. And laughing at the phrasing of the answer. :)

Yes, Mommy's alright. :)

How about some Halp from the notoriously user-friendly 3Bulls! weblog?

Songs NOT to listen to:

"I Know Its Over" The Smiths
"Epitaph for My Heart" Magnetic Fields
"Funeral" Band of Horses
"Commit a Crime" Mr. Airplane Man
"Hate Is All You Need" Camera Obscura

I would try New Pornographers "Letter From an Occupant"
or "Essential Wear for Future trips to Space" by Ballboy
"Its a Hit" Rilo Kiley

I love Halp Mi!

What's your guaranteed, go-to, mood-lifter song??

Anything by Joy Division or Sisters of Mercy.

All helpful, but Pinko! Well, he was kind of helpful. NOT!

Danzig vs. Shakira always gives me a chuckle.

Anything by Joy Division

You could go post Ian Curtis, and blast Bizarre Love Triangle at full volume, and embarrass the lamblets by shaking your boo-tay all around the house.

I love Bizarre Love Triangle and shake my booty to it often. The lamblets are used to seeing me shake my boo-tay all around the house and would probably join me. Now outside of the house is a different story. :)

LOL @ Danzig!

"These Are The Things" by Black Box Recorder.

Free Hot Lunch. Do you have any tolerance for neo-folksy, jazz-inflected acoustic trio with a twisted sense of humor and incessant tequila thirst?

Not downloadable, so not today. Unless helpful zombies hook you up....

Also, Late zombie is Late.

Do you have any tolerance for neo-folksy, jazz-inflected acoustic trio with a twisted sense of humor and incessant tequila thirst?


Also, Late zombie is Late.

This mood seems to be cyclical. Yesterday's late is tomorrow's early...

check yer email. Hopefully your spam catcher won't go crazy, because -cough- large attachments.

Here is the Itty Bitty Bug Song.


ZRM- I'll keep an eye out... so far, nada.

the email choked on the multiple files.
Broke it up and sent em separately.

I think my New Pornographer's song was actually on point, but no, Pinko never gets any credit.

Ok, I'll admit, I didn't listen to it until just now. I think if I'm going to think of an upbeat song that reminds me of Pinko though, I'll listen to, "Bohemian Like You".


ZRM- all emails came through.

think of an upbeat song that reminds me of Pinko though,

Somehow, I seem to always think of a Weird Al song....

ZRM is right, this does make me think of Pinko.

The whole doggoned soundtrack to The Commitments which includes Mustang Sally, Try a Little Tenderness, Mr. Pitiful.

Liquor, Beer, and Wine


Let's Rock

"Ordinary Day" by Great Big Sea.
Trust me... just trust me.

I wish I had seen this thread earlier today. I might not have left work early.

lately i have found 'born to be wild' to work a lot for me. there's also some stuff by bela fleck that lets me git r done but not sure if you're up for that.

Born to be Wild is fun. And yes, I like Bela Fleck and the Flecktones!

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