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July 03, 2011


thundererpantaloons must be really pissed at me. Haven't even updated the Fest blawg.

Of course, he hates that one's commenting system anyway, so maybe he's OK with it.... retrieve another who was bonding with relatives

Could be difficult, depending on the epoxy that was used.

P.S. zrm, I forgot there was a comment system at summerfest blog.

How's the painting going Jennifer?

I hope you're not too distracted by Pinko's nefarious gaming of the system!!!

How's the painting going Jennifer?

Slow... I've been distracted by numerous things, but all good things.

I will go check out the nefarious gaming!! I KNEW IT!@!!1!

Never trust an orb rabbit header! How much did you pay him, thundra??

Suspicious Minds

I have a momma duck with ducklings (actually, getting to be teenagers) video at my place.

That's my favorite Elvis song, although I like the recording where it's a tad slower... not as manic.

I'll go check out the ducklings.

sounds heavenly. I would love a day and night to myself. I have a bottle of gin that wants to be bigger too.

LOL! Gin... yikes. As I've said before, gin and I had to part ways long ago. It turned me into Penny, and Penny was never nice. :)

I'm feeling slightly bad about not embracing the falderal of the day, but then I remind myself, I'm embracing independence. :)

Gin and I parted ways long ago, too, Jennifer. Maybe our gins are hanging out together!

Maybe our gins are hanging out together!

LOL! Gins gone wild!

is that why I have so much over here?

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