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June 15, 2011


Mondegreens are awesome, my favorite non-musical one was my friend's youthful "Seven to bitch!", shouted after crashing his Big Wheel. Apparently, he'd overheard his foulmouthed, drunken neighbor and liked what he'd heard.

He didn't like the taste of the soap that was used to wash his little potty mouth.

They are awesome. I have never lived down, "Reverend Bluejeans".

LOL @ Seven to bitch!

This interruption sponsored Filthbot, Inc.


You betcha!

Also... not only has it been Monday all day for me, but I have dropped an r out of interruption. I kept thinking it didn't look right, but did I bother to check?? Hell no... It's Monday!!

I used to be a stellar speller. :( But then I also used to be young... and frolicsome... and now I'm a tired, old crank.

Yes, I'm talking to myself. I didn't used to do that either.

I do that all day long.

Otherwise I'd have to talk to other people. M.B. is Mister Congeniality, as far as I'm concerned.

P.S. You do know that one must enter a 'captcha' when posting a link on Saying Yes, Jennifer?

You clearly were thinking of the wrong song.

Only if you link, thundra... otherwise it's supposed to be a free for all!!! Woo-hoo!!

TypePad has changed some of it's options so they're not as optional as one might have hoped. TypePad is now sounding like Thai food to me. I'm hungry. I didn't have lunch, and judging from the clock, I may have missed dinner.

I wasn't, feesh. My neighbor was.

whoah. content.

I'll have to alert Geddy.

I do that all day long.

Otherwise I'd have to talk to other people.

You sound like EL. She was bemoaning the fact that we've had too much company as of late and she wants her house back!!! I told her if she ever joins a roller derby, her name must be: Miss Ann Thrope.

Jennifer! You're in Fish's video! :28 -:30!!

LOL! I had forgotten that you said I reminded you of Marty Maraschino oh so many years ago! :)

LOL at Miss Ann Thrope.

Is it time for Roller Derby names?

Abbie Normal

Lucy Screws

Suzie Cide

Don't forget:

Ginger Snaps

Adrena- Lynn

Terri Fying

Sophi O'Path


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