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June 27, 2011


Oh you can't get away with it all just like that!

Still can't access any of ZRM's many blogs

All the other ones have been shut down and archived. killed dead dead dead.

Also, you might try clearing your cache. Also too, try the link at thundra's place, he has been diligent about updating them. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

killed dead dead dead.

nuke it from space. it's the only way to be sure.

What's the half life of a blog?

Love this post!!

I love love love this. Partly because I'm in it
Does this mean we get to hang out sooN?

Gorgeous day. Hot sun. Dreaming of the ocean. Also Coronas with lime.


I'm getting almost ready to be prepared to think about hitting publish on some nighttime kitty cat orbs.

Look out, world!

Dog, lake, lake dog smell...

Mmmmm! I can smell it now!

Do you go on regular weekends or just when there's an extra travel day?

That is exactly what it feels like around here too :-) !!!!! This is the only year I can think of that had all 4 seasons in one week !!

Miss Jane- the weather has been on a bit of a roller coaster, hasn't it!

thundra- It's hit or miss. We go for random weekends and try to get at least a week in. I'm not actually there right now, but MenD's mere description brought stanky dog flying to my scent memory.

Poor Mr. I'd Rather Be Jumping in the Lake, had his teeth cleaned yesterday and had a bad reaction to one of the drugs used during anesthesia. He's still looking a little tripped out. I'm sure he'd much rather have been up there getting his stanky lake water groove on.

I like the 4th and 11th posts best.

And all the dick jokes, but that goes without saying.

hooray, if i comment on this - i dont have to come back for a few weeks(which turn into months -!!!)

So nothing changes! :)

Hi aif!!!

Now you just need to get REM to set that to music.

Mmmm... purslane... uhhhh...

The purslane came in gangbusters this past week.

3Bulls! is out-contenting you!

It's about time.

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I'll take some of your suggestions and try apply them

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