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June 24, 2011


Wow, Jennifer! That bottom photo is WILD! Glad to hear everyone's ok.

You have no idea how many streets look like that. You feel like you're driving through a maze. Again, people were more or less lucky in that trees took the brunt and not houses or people... although if you look at the top photo, that tree did fall directly on my neighbor's house. Although I miss the huge elm that was out front when we bought this place, I'm glad it wasn't around for this.

Wow. Good to see that you made it through.

Maybe those Dandythistlemonsters are lucky?

holy crap

Jeepers! Glad you're all safe Jennifer. Nature can be quite devastating (looks outside nervously)

Dumb dog didn't try to rescue you. WHERE HAS THE SPIRIT OF LASSIE GONE?

Maybe he thought grizzled was stuck in a well.

AK- Nature can indeed get her knickers in a twist.

SMcG- But he did rescue us!! :) By doing what he did, we realized the storm was worse than we expected!

LOL @ fish.

Man! I miss all of the good storms.

I see no one is asking the unspoken question:
did the basement carpet survive?

LOL!! You know, we actually had very little rain with this storm... the carpet was fine. It took a small hit earlier this month due to the drain out back being blinded with leaves!! We've been pretty lucky since Grizzled spent last summer/fall digging in extra drainage to divert water away from the back. We still need to be wary though.

Glad you guys were all right. I was driving home down 41 from my in-laws after the storms passed, and the whole east side was pitch black until I got close to home.

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