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June 05, 2011


That was pretty amazing. I'm almost tempted to not be a brat.


While I appreciate the tuna sandwich, you can't touch this.

see, that's what happens when the Zardoz can't make it over the hump. New post comes in and shoves the Z-Post down off the top of the page.

Sigh.....anyways, consider Saying Yes STILL not Zardozed.

Love Spit Love.

It's like pushing a rock up a mountain, but just before you get to the top, it rolls down the hill again.

....rolling over you on the way down.

Then the eagle eats your liver, which grows back overnight, and you get to do it all over again.


If the rock won't roll up the mountain, the mountain must roll up the rock.

I also love him

well, you would. San Francisco liberal.

of course, it is 96 degrees up here, so WE ARE BOILING OUR BRAINS, but do you west coasters care?

of course, my brain is more poached in a liquor brothe, but still.

Also, Kathleen has your grapes, Bimler.

They were so sweet
and cold.

I thought of Bimler yesterday as I was buying the mother lode of donut peaches. I'm not sure if that's a good thing...

buying the mother
I read that as "burying".

I would bury them if they'd grow in this area.

we stomp on grapes out here

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