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May 19, 2011


no wonder my clients have all pushed their payments out till after the first of June.

Due to the increased activity associated with the May 21, 2011 Rapture prophesy we have increased our service rates for all new contracts submitted as of 1/13/11.


Unfortunately at this time we are not equipped to accommodate all species and must limit our services to dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and small caged mammals.

Now we see the violence inherent in the system!

P.S. One of my younger brothers had a basilisk named Lola, who won a "Loveliest Lizard" prize when there was a pet fair at our elementary school (yes, every pet got a prize, why do you ask?)

P.P.S. Jesus lizard.

Jesus lizard is a descendent of Raptor Jesus.

my friend's kid asked recently "isn't rapture a kind of bird?"

I have recently learned that the Rapture is only applicable to those who haven't died already.

Sigh. one would have thought the Jezizzle, the Jew Zombizzle, would not succumb to the rampant zombophobia.

...hmpf. In any case, I am calling all my Christian-leaning friends all weekend to see if they answer. If not, time to go get their stuff!

I played that apocalypse game and answered:


It's the existentialist emo-pocalypse!

(Different) eagle-cam rescue operation!

SMcG- Yay! Proof that cranes and eagles can be friends.

LOL @ Mandos

I'll be more impressed when shore birds lie down with feeshies, Jennifer.

Sleeping w/ teh feeshies is never a good idea...

Earthquakes, volcanoes...The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, fish and Celine living together... mass hysteria!

shore birds lie down with feeshies

Herons and herrings together.

Sleeping w/ teh feeshies is never a good idea...

Dr. Mrs. fish agrees

Herons and herrings together.

Mmmm, herons in sour cream sauce!

Sleeping w/ teh feeshies is never a good idea...

Dr. Mrs. fish agrees

Smart woman.

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