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May 23, 2011


That is quite a ventery of spleen. And, I agree. Let's just say that I have some amount of experience in furthering the further education of the "products" of said school system. (Scare quotes used purposefully.) Learning is approached with palpable fear, particularly learning anything challenging. In fact, for many students, if at first they find it interesting, they automatically assume it must be hard, and if it is hard, it is intended as punishment. There is a huge hunger for safety and security---"will this be on the test, will this be on the project?"

So the joy of learning, of watching something cool, is directly conflated with fear of harm.

Bravo, EL, bravo! Keep fighting the good fight!

That is a fine rant.

Just to say something for the other side, as it were: the teachers and administrators tend to be hugely overworked (in terms of numbers of students), not paid all that well (especially when considering the educational requirements they themselves have to satisfy), and are under constant assault by people who simply resent spending that doesn't go directly into the pockets of the nation's richest citizens.

P.S. The summer between my junior and senior years of H.S., I went to S.M.U. in Dallas for 6 weeks of math and computer classes (it was an NSF grant). It was fun, in dorm rooms on a college campus.

P.P.S. Stop it, typepad! We're sorry, we cannot accept this data my behind!

Nicely said EL. It might be helpful to know that public schools were invented to make better factory workers out of the farmers. Their goal was never to make a free thinking populace (those are dangerous to the powerful). The fact that you can already see what the schools are doing means you have beaten them at their own game. Congratulations...

Thanks for the comments. I'll make sure EL sees them.

Thunder- she's aware of the crappy conditions that both sides have. She's also had a lot of wonderful teachers. I just think she's been inundated with procedural crap this year when she really just wants to learn MORE! She's sick of the rules for how to take a test, and tests proving you've learned to take tests. She's like to have a little more learning. Lit was a prime example. They did little reading with more emphasis based on how to study for college, or how to test well.

Also, she's had one instructor who is notoriously late in getting graded projects back to her, but when EL was absent for a day due to her grandmother's funeral, she was only given an extra day to make things up. The same instructor took 2 months to grade a paper... plus we've heard that she usually doesn't get around to grading the final project even though it must be completed. Apparently this is her MO. This is the stuff that is driving EL crazy. Welcome to life, huh? :)

As has been said, lamblet, it gets better. Make it through high school, and all the stress, and you will have a better time of things.

Mom, what exactly possessed you to tag "pants are for losers"? Do I want to know?

I hear that college is better, and I imagine it must be because I have a choice in where to go.

Mom, what exactly possessed you to tag "pants are for losers"?

It was a random tagging... did you not tip the waitstaff? :)

Also, you have some choices in where to go for high school, you just don't like them either... The college menu does offer a greater variety. Until then, you're stuck with us!!! Moowahahahaaa!!!

That brings me to my final point which I’m going to try not to rant about. A big reason why a lot of kids don’t want to go to school is because school is not a friendly place. School is not the place you go to to talk about your feelings and feel accepted.

School is where everyone has to go, whereas most of the other places are for a somewhat self-selecting few. So:

I realize the world is not a very accepting place either, but that’s because we don’t hold it to a higher standard.

Not actually true if you get yourself into the right thing. This is aimed at LGBT youth but there's a pretty broad and awesome message in there for people who are willing to think for themselves. The world, if you choose the right chunk of it, can be way better than high school for almost every hour of the day except when you drive because YOU WANT TO KILL EVERYONE ON THE ROAD.

Excellent points, SMcG!!

And LOL at except when you drive because YOU WANT TO KILL EVERYONE ON THE ROAD.

I hear that college is better, and I imagine it must be because I have a choice in where to go.

It helps if you have some idea of what you want to do in life, but not too specific. I am presently suffering from the "attached to something too specific" problem. Have been for years past those undergraduate days.

I am glad that I am back in Illinois so that I can vote for EL at some point in the future.

nicely written EL. You put many adults to shame. And I read legal papers for a living.

Hi EL. That is good writing. The arguments are well set out. I haven't said anything because I don't know much about the US education system but from what I've heard it is just set up to get you pass tests throughout the year.This leads to short term memory skills but not much curiosity which is a shame. You will have to struggle to keep your curiosity and anyone here can recommend any number of books, music and films to help. You Mom probably knows a thing or two about that as well.
I endorse what others have said about it gets better. It sure does but you have to be brave and find people that think in the same way that you do. They will NOT be the popular kids but will be the most interesting. look at modern history and find out about how people who have been successful did at school. They were usually the "different" ones who no one liked.
Half ass politicians were popular.
Best of luck

#1 on the list.

Thanks again for the comments. I'll direct EL over here after some of the end of years stuff simmers down.

SMcG- thanks for the link.

Holy Looooong essay batgirl!

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