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May 04, 2011


Color coordination? We don't need no stinking color coordination!

Does it really tie the room together?

Actually you appear to have bought a Bridget Riley painting.

Well then I'd better stop walking on it.

Don't worry about matchy-matchy. I love it! Bring the color indoors, I say!

LOL! BG I was just thinking of Nina Garcia saying, "It's too matchy-matchy!"

I actually prefer things not being matchy-matchy... that's not the case. I think what got me was that I saw one thing and then saw a completely different thing. It kind of threw me for a loop. It's like those psychological images where you see the young woman and then see the crone, and after you've seen the crone, you can't NOT SEE HER! :)

LOL at "Mexican Music"

I hope you take the invitation to drink margaritas while doing dishes at the sink.


Excellent idea!!!

Yes, Kathleen has the idea!

The Serapes of Wrath. "I'll be there ma, when a woman doing the dishes and drinking tequila starts jumping around shouting Ole, I'll be there"


Grizzled said he had thought that earlier, but I seemed so happy with the rug, he didn't say anything.

You have trained him well.

The Serapes of Wrath.

Yes! This made me smile.

Rock on, peoples!

I keep wanting to say it as "ser-ah-pee" as in "therapy."

There was a hint in the product description. The stripes lend a 'global' accent.

I think it is beautiful, but then, I live in Texas and I painted a serape on my daughter's bedroom ceiling.

You have trained him well.

I suspect it's that Grizzled is well-versed in the number one male rule of marriage: a happy wife is a happy husband.

I want to be adopted into your family forever.
I'm moving in to the basement.

Wow! Voluntarily going to the basement! I don't know what to say!

FYI Von, you're already a (in)voluntary member. :) We don't make just anyone sit through recitals...

Happy on-time Cinco de Mayo!!
we spent lunch watching ballet folklorico

I've senor ballet folklorico... :)


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