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April 27, 2011


Bet the basement leaks.


Shh! Trying to get some work done here! Way behind.

Shh! Trying to get some work done here! Way behind.

You spent too much time at your good friend, fish's place...

Also, you owe us a hand photo...

You spent too much time at your good friend, fish's place...

Well, he IS sending me that Fallingwater Lego thingie....

AND!! He's sending me hand photos!! Er... fin photos! :)

Fish is NICE! :)

Cranberry Vodka Explosion.

What else could explain today?

Cranberry Vodka Explosion.

I would drink that cocktail.

I bet the air intake can be clogged.

ESPECIALLY if you drink a Cranberry Vodka Explosion.


Fish is NICE! :)

I have been TELLING you that.

fish WAS nice.

Also, concrete walls are not particularly sustainable construction.

Basically, it's silly. From the entrance side, it's all concrete walls and a drawbridge, but f zombies approach from over the fields, it's all glass wall. The presumption is that zombies will not come around the other side of the house, being very dim and unwilling to go anywhere other than the main entry. I heartily encourage breathers to continue to act on that kind of assumption.

I thought that point was that the other side was closable and the thing turned into a concrete cube.

That's what I thought as well, that the entire place closed up into a concrete cube, in which case, it would not be safe from zombies in suburbia because most buildings are concrete cubes...

Zombie of Suburbia will not be dissuaded.

yeh, I missed the big shutter.

Makes me wonder who the real client is, though, and what the hell they are so scared of. Mortgage bankers who have noticed the spike in pitchfork sales? Jaime Dimon? Dick Cheney, just being his paranoid ass-self? Celine?

I could do better.

also, 'Candygram.'


I don't see how that building is proof of zombies.

Celine would open that place up like a tin of Dijon Rice with Chicken.

Now that would be a true horror movie!!

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