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April 11, 2011


Note: photos purposefully blurry to negate for hdb's double-vision. If these photos look unfocused, you're not drinking enough.

LOL. Is this the experiment, or is that a post in misdirection?

The experiment was merely a chain-yank, thundra... as mentioned below, I put up the title and then removed it, just to see who would bite. :)

One of those days...

The Rediscovered Art of Erotic Hand Manipulation

Uh... when was "Erotic Hand Manipulation" a forgotten art?

Uh... when was "Erotic Hand Manipulation" a forgotten art?

LOL! Good point.

Why is Rosie Palm coming to mind now. :)

Note: Authors are New Zealanders.

Ha! I never noticed. :) Small world. Now it's extremely apt that the book would be in the Riddled Library.

Burton Silver has also given the world Kokigami, "Why Cats Paint", "Why Paint Cats", and the elliptical golf ball.

The ski one makes me nostalgic for a poster entitled "Moon Shot".

I love this book. And I only just know about it now. This book for president!

At last, a primary challenge from The Left!

Burton Silver has also given the world Kokigami, "Why Cats Paint", "Why Paint Cats"

I think I prefer "Dancing with Cats".

LOL @ Substance.

Pinko- it's a must-buy... er... elect.

Stop making me laugh!! It makes me cough more!!!!

It's time for a DRAFT OPRAH movement.

what will Ron Paul book think?

I like the amazon "People who bought this book also looked at"

Nothing is sacred, AK!

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