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April 27, 2011


Visits to the nature center will never be the same... I love that you imagined them coming to life... but now it is all X-rated!!

Sorry Miss Jane!

(insert your rude joke here)

You wish it, I dish it!

people realized I was not just some nice mother who liked to paint, but rather a filthbot in disguise...

You're a nice, talented filthbot with lovely children.

You you nice-mother-filthbot!!

LOL @ B^4!

and at Von... nice-mother-filthbot... LOL. That'll be my epitaph.

I fully own my filthbottery, I try to not make too much of a public record about it out of fear that the hellacious PTA mothers will find it and make my life more frustrating.

"just some nice mother"

She's a nice mother-
--Shut yo mouth!

Just talkin' bout Jennifer!



You're still a dilrod. :)

And that was said with luv, ZRM! No pouting!

That compound thing must be the German in you. You love your Zusammengezetseswortsmoeglichkeiten.

Good point!

That compound thing must be the German in you.

Sounds dirty, Mandos.

Filthbot is a state of mind.

Grizzled is actually mostly Italian, with some English and German.

It's the Italian in me. :)

Oh... wait... you were probably talking about the Zusammengezetseswortsmoeglichkeiten sounding dirty...

Like I said, filthbot is a state of mind. The outcome of which is TMI.


Like I said, filthbot is a state of mind. The outcome of which is TMI.

or TMJ.


Jennifer has been taking blog commenting lessons from Kathleen.

Or BG, or myself.

Of course, my usual is...


Because I'm nice!!

I'm a nice mothah!!



Jennifer has also borrowed the cranberry vodka from K.


This digression is starting to make me look at the title of this post in a new, um, light.


You're BANNED!!!

But good for you for embracing your inner linux filthbot. :)

I think you mean 'teen-age'. And 'bond-age'. And 'filth-bot'.

Oh! *wide, innocent eyes* I certainly didn't mean it *that* way! I was thinking about the alcohol influence. Yes.

tuck them in my jewelry box
Never heard it called that before.

How is it possible to love and hate hdb at the same time??

However, hdb is banned...

How is it possible to love and hate hdb at the same time??

I think that's the only way it works.

Good point.

ZRM with the TMJ. DYING

ZRM with the TMJ. DYING


Mandos- did you mean... Binnenschiffahrtsrahmenverordnungsgesetzeslücke?

A loophole in the regulation of boat frames?

it is so sweet that you innocently typed "pussy willow" into Google.

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