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April 28, 2011


What a nicely designed nest it is!

It looks fake, doesn't it?? I stuck my camera in as fast as I could and hoped it was in frame, in focus, etc.

thunder, I don't think you were around yet when I had the post up about the nest of birds off my patio. The nest was above eye level so I took my cell phone and held it up, hoping to get a picture of anything that might be in there, when I saw this.

I was probably around somewheres....

Looks like you will have more baby-bird blogging on the way.


Yes, you were around somewheres, but had not yet visited the House of Yes.

Yeah, there will probably be more baby-bird-blogging, however, it's going to be tricky when they're actually birds... the nest is really close the front door. My parents had a spot on their porch that birds favored, but when you'd use the door, the birds would freak and knock the babies out!

Have you seen the eagles?

OMG! No! I hadn't!!

Holy crap! It's windy!

That's awesome. I love being able to see that big ol' eagle head just hanging out... yawning. :)

Blue eggs and ham!

Those eggs are gorgeous. I'll have to get pictures of the swallows once they come back to my workplace. I can get close up to their nests at night.

I'm not sure it's right to be talking about "swallow" so close to Snag's blue eggs and ham.

Snag- you're banned... or rather, you'll continue to get snow....

And while Snag is getting snow, oldest snaglet will be in Miami.

Revenge at last!!

amazing! it's hard to believe they're real.

I love that blue. My brain cannot believe that birds that come out of those eggs will not be blue too.

LOL! I know... or, those eggs should have chocolate centers.

I can get close up to their nests at night.

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