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March 26, 2011


People love to have power over other people. Doesn't matter what they did in the past if they can convince themselves that they *deserve* to have control because they *really* are/were better people. They rationalize.

I have an uncle who is a retired bank president. He was telling us on Christmas eve about when he was in college and he and his buddies had been out drinking all night. They came out of a bar in the wee hours and saw this tiny car (like an MG or something) and picked it up, carried it and dropped it between two trees up on some grassy hill. lolol It was a tight fit. So that the person whose car it was would NEVER be able to get it out without eight buddies to pick it back up.

In this day and age don't you KNOW that would have been FB'd?! Of course it would have been.

Wonder if he would've risen through the ranks like he did?

People and their control issues kill me. I can't stand it. I think the people who do forgive or understand others' behavior are in the *extreme* minority. The majority's done the same kinds of things but they forget the minute they can be judge and jury.

Honestly, if there were an IM record of what I did in high school, it would be

1. Did nerdy thing involving space.
2. Did nerdy thing involving computers.
3. Did nerdy thing involving music.
4. Did lots of homework.
5. Loudly argued about Malthus in hallway with music nerd.
6. Geeked out about SF novels.
7. GOTO 1

The worst thing I did was spend a couple of years helping edit the anonymous satire newsletter, sort of like a printed Sadly No. And I wouldn't have written about it.

Despite the utter nerdy blandness of my teenage years (and my life currently, for that matter) I'm still wary of putting too much up on social networking sites...

Today's newsletter had an interview with an admissions professional at a noted university. I won't name it, but I believe Mr. Thundra went there... (Mr. Thundra will be thankful he went there then... and not now...)

When I went there, $7,000 year was room, board, and tuition. And I got financial aid.

I've heard things are different, nowadays?

But Mandos, would you deny access to those who were perhaps a little more into exploring?? I doubt it. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I guess all of this just makes me think of the TONS of political hypocrites who decide what we all should do, even though in the privacy of their own lives, they're doing things we'd never do outside of our minds. I guess they think they need to protect us from our dark selves. I guess they don't realize we've come to terms with that dark self long ago and don't worry about it running amok without constant surveillance and tons or rules.

BG- Yep... people wanting to judge and control.

I've heard things are different, nowadays?

Slightly... :)

Oh, I wasn't disagreeing. Just saying that even someone with a relatively bland/conformist tendency would likewise hesitate knowing now who might be looking.

I would name the system, as Governor Tarkin would say, so it can be crushed. Very depressing.

At a certain point, though, institutions are going to find themselves either with students who were super-smart enough to be anonymous on the internet, or with really boring dull students who don't take risks. That doesn't make a research university. There are admissions officers and admissions officers, and some are more stupid than others.

Imagine my surprise when I was granted a security clearance.

Imagine my surprise when I was granted a security clearance.

Things work differently in upsy-downsy land, don't they?

I think the patrolling of Facebook is a bit like speeding. They'll let the kids who are doing 70-75 go buy. They're looking for the kids going over 100.

That should be "by". What a Freudian slip there.

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