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March 16, 2011


This gave more glee than it should have, but I am a sick individual when pushed to it...

We learn more and more with each blog post...

I believe another suggestion was sending her in without any lunch since any form of lunch involves some form of waste, including bodily waste

In one of his books, Kurt Vonnegut told of a story by Kilgore Trout about a vacation planet that was so popular, the cumulative erosion from trillions upon trillions of visitors was reducing it's planetary mass, and so when you would visit, you would be weighed upon arrival and upon departure, and any increase was deducted surgically.

No point, really, just pointing out the beneficial nature of a good POOP. I support the cow idea. Make it a lab class.

Better yet, just let a couple of kids go zombie.

I received a note one time that the rules were, there must be at least 2 reusable containers in the lunch.

Still laughing.

We learn more and more with each blog post...

Get me drunk and you'll find out plenty.

Better yet, just let a couple of kids go zombie.

It's going on the list of suggestions.

Still laughing.

So am I, but it's through the tears... and while rocking in the corner.

Please print this out and send to the PTA.

Also append the title: DEAR MORONS

ZRM- is that Vonnegut? It sounds like Douglas Adams.

For all your help reducing
usage of plastic and paper
containers I thank you and hope you
know that your work is appreciated.

Your work and the volunteer spirit
of everyone at the school help
us all.

ZRM- is that Vonnegut? It sounds like Douglas Adams.

Jeez, am I ever useless. Corrected by Pinko. Sheesh.

Going away now. I have worms....

I'm all for volunteers and do plenty myself. What I don't appreciate is when some personal agenda gets in the way of the actual purpose. Any reduction in trash is a good thing. Why make someone feel bad because they didn't achieve an impossible goal (I'm talking about the milk deal).

We're all useless, ZRM. That's what makes us fun. :)
Buck up and answer your damn email.

What Jennifer said! I sent you an email too, ZRM.

P.S. Epitaph

SMcG- I wasn't sure if your comment was tongue-in-cheek or what so if the response was too snarky, it was because I was still steamed about damn lunch and missed the nuance.

Nice epitaph, thundra. :)

Mine's a handy acrostic note you can put in your last lunchbox.

LOL!!!! I knew the patterning meant more than my snit-filled mind was picking up on... and it didn't sound like the SMcG whose posts I read, but now it does. :)

I love it.

Aaaaargh!!! Substance made me read swear words without knowing it!!

Just an afterthought. Why does the interweb hate me this afternoon? i think that it's very unkind

Hilarious, what dogma will drive people to. My very enlightened west coast small city sometimes gets ridiculous like this. The squirrel-abatement program in the parks....that's a tale lifted right out of a farce.

PS - perhaps you should have enclosed a tiny little container INSIDE the multi-compartment container!!

Oh, Aunt Snow! That would have been perfect!

HAHA Thundero

ZRM- that only struck me because I watched a couple eps of the BBC Hitchikers a couple of months ago- I wasn't even sure. I like how you made it sound really accurate. I bet Wikipedia is planted with bombs of things that sound even more true.

incredible. I'm amazed you are as sane as you are.

for some reason reminds me of an article about how kids all get driven to school now in California, and specifically the report of a kid who tried to bike to school was hit by one of the cars, so the response by the school was to ban biking to school.

This is the natural progression towards conservative politics. They know this. When things don't work great, their goal is to make them work worse, then people get the idea that it is impossible for anyone to be competent. Then they'll bring in some equally incompetent shady company to run the school.

I cannot get over just how much I LOVE your entire family.

Not only did the mothers (who *weren't* yours) shame you, but the mean kids would wave their stupid little erasers in your face.

Maybe you should tell them to ride a rabid polar bear to school instead of their ecologically destructive BMW's... suits their personalities more accurately anyhow...


All BMWs are driven by people who are psychologically unfit to drive anything more powerful than an electric razor. --Jeremy Clarkson

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