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March 20, 2011


She is!

She's driving and blogging!



Does it even matter anymore?!?!?



March is like....a pretty flower that smells BAAAD.

thundra- people can always fly...

Why this hate-on for March? It's a great month in both of my homes [he says, nervously looking skyward].

Ask not for whom the bird Poupons, Mandos.

But I did see some green stuff outside. I think it's called....buds? vegetation?
Could be spring coming, but I'd guess not.

March is like February with better PR.

March is like cherry blossoms.

LOL @ Dan

fish- yes, they're beautiful... but not as entertaining as the Hall of Mammals...

March is like - thawing the fish in your freezer. You hope it is usable, but it just ends up stinky.

Well, considering the amount of dog poop in our yard, March is just shitty.

The HOM bums me out a bit.

March is like the last few lima beans on your plate at dinner.

March is like the last few lima beans on your plate at dinner.



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