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February 03, 2011


Being a parent makes one soften up. Some stories about kids on the news, I can't watch because I know what it feels like. I wish I could feel like you, feeding people with soup, but I don't have that. My wife is also much kinder to people while having the ability to devastate one verbally.
This is a good post.

seems like this is also the basis for all those stereotypes about mothers-in-law. if only more people took the time to put it in perspective, as you did, well - the world would be a happier place.

Ancient Chinese Secret!!


We all came from mothers.

This has yet to be confirmed for Jonah Goldberg.

I had been wondering about Dick Cheney as well...

You should give them a break. Even the creatures in Aliens had a mother.

Very nice post, Jennifer.

Ok, I swore I left a comment earlier this morning for AK and aif...

aif!! It's good to see you pop up in the blogosphere again... on top of occasional FB pokes. :)

AK- sometimes I'd like to throw the soup at certain people. Again, I'm no saint.

You should give them a break. Even the creatures in Aliens had a mother.

Except for Winona. And Sigourney was a clone in the threequel.

indeed, we must think of the spider mothers laying eggs and money all over the places.

Argentinian spider mother weaves a tangoed web.

LOL. I don't care how talented the spider, or the fact that they have mothers... I will never see their unmined gold!

No, no, the ands are the ones who mine gold.


:) to the comment, not the mistake.

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