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February 11, 2011


Wordpress won't allow me to properly spell "voilà" for you. Boo for poor HTML parsing!



Cranberry Vodka comment, followed by wastebasket joke.

and when Substance shows up: concealed link to goatse.

Zombie just nailed it. As did Jennifer.

fish link to google image.


Added whining about Typepad. Profanity.

Presumption that fish has stolen something mentioned above.

Link to disturbing picture. Sexual innuendo. Vague sense of unease.

Explaining voice even in writing.

Awful joke about "Mandosplaining."


You have one of the sweetest faces I've ever seen. I'll take Mandosplaining.

attempt to start a punning war

Why thank you I rub it every morning with unicorn extract and sparkleberry juice :)


EL spotted the unicorn extract.

attempt to start a punning war
Various punishments

Obligatory banning...

Expressed concerns that fish has (once again) gone too far.

Mandos- I mentioned your facial regimen to EL and she said she thought it was because you totally encased your face in hash browns each night, thus keeping in moisture.

Birdie pic.

embedded youtube link

Chuckles ate the cookies.

Application of fish's law of web sites: What, like this?

Chuck Todd.

Unicorn extract.

Suggestion that my beauty regimen involves being completely encased in dogs. Explanatory link.

Snausage joke.


blue girl chimes in with her very original: LOL!

I was waiting for the LOL and was hoping I wouldn't have to do it myself.

follows with ubiquitous smiley face....

Offer to help Jennifer.

Fresh perspective on the important issues of the day.

Substance is an evil man...

Brand0- offer?? I thought it was usually just bestowed, whether needed or not. :)

Spider links and/ or reference...

Cunning head fake on McGravitas link

I had my eyes averted and hit "back" as soon as the title appeared in the corner of my eye so I didn't see anything!!!!

Cunning head fake on McGravitas link

Wasn't it? Took all of ten seconds to Google "inverse goatse" and I KNEW there had to be one.

random partially coherent comment by a long-lost member of the blogosphere

Threat to ban ZRM.

Pinko drive-by comment, barely comprehensible...

Took all of ten seconds to Google "inverse goatse" and I KNEW there had to be one.

Fish's law in action.

You can't stop fish's law in action... lah-ah, in action, law-ah in action!

Ah. A musical reference.

Of course, immediately following a musical reference, a Zombie comment saying that he has seen the artist referenced....

Invocation of obscure Sean Connery movie.

Followed by black glasses reference...

Monty Python reference.

LOL! LOL! I love that one!!! Must watch them all again!

Followed by ZRM reminding that he had them all on DVD.


obscure confession

Next 20 comments ruthlessly teasing anyone who made the obscure confession.

Claim to have taken offense. Threaten never to return.

OT but...

unrelated spam link

LOL! I was actually prepared to remove this.

I think your blog is really excellent canned unicorn meat and wonder when all our work will be done, as you say.

Speculate on proximity to the magical 100-post milestone.

Thanks for the lovely comment, Vw!

hdb- I can't remember back that far...

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