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February 07, 2011


You know who else said, "Release your anger!"

So cool that you saved that letter, Jennifer. Isn't there a certain magic (aside of course from the later-learned insight it contained), to holding on to keepsakes like that? If that had been the era of the Internet, well, needless to say...

PS: Now if I could just figure out what to do with my anger from last night's Super Bowl outcome!


Yes, thundra, I do. :)

Scribbler- I've thought of that. What a difference a couple of decades make in communication.

Sorry about your Super Bowl anger, but I suspect ZRM is happy enough for both of you! Which is rare...

Yes, I don't expect it to last.

The parade tomorrow will be fun though.

that is awesome. this story makes me happy.

Not to turn this post into a sports theme but... actually I was joking re: the Super Bowl, Jennifer. I said all week if we had to lose this game I can't think of another team I'd rather see win it, not just for the coach (who happens to be from Pittsburgh) but for the the fans. Nice people, great tradition, and after what Favre put them through they deserve it. Plus they outplayed us!

{sigh} anger gone...

{sigh} anger gone...

I hope that wasn't my doing. I don't usually have that effect on people.

You need a laser pointer for people, ZRM.

Nah, zrm, not to worry. Just throwing a little love to the Green Bay fans.

Nah, zrm, not to worry. Just throwing a little love to the Green Bay fans.

heh. j/k myself. Usually I am just pissing people off.

Anyway, the love is really sloshing around up here in Wisconsin today. Emphasis on the sloshing. The whole state is like a big cuddly teddy bear. A teddy bear with cheese smeared all over its torso and smelling heavily of beer.

For the love of gawd! I leave for a couple hours, come back, and the place smells like a locker room!

A teddy bear smeared with cheese, ZRM?? Get help!

Here... this will pull you out of it. :)

All da ladies now!!!

Unfortunately I could not find a video for We're on a Beer Run!

Hey, thanks for the translation of Koren's last sentence, Jen. I thought he wrote, "With wishes for discovering your own misspaces..."

But what's that phrase at the top of the sheet? "...or skemble emergod?"

Dan- I think I had to read the entire letter about 20 times before I got the accurate read on it... although I'm still not sure I did... or have. :)

The top sentence, a continuation from the front side and probably should have been included, except for the boring practical part. Isn't that funny?? 20-some years ago, I wanted PRACTICAL! GIVE ME CONCRETE!! Now, to hell with the practical, let me know about the magic. :)

Anyhow, the sentence you saw was the tail end of this:

"I started drawing seriously I was in college. The characters I draw now have only a vague family resemblance to those I did then. One cannot ordain the kind of people or animals one creates- they emerge, well up- from continual (and sometimes unproductive) activity. I drew and drew for years before anything coherent or salable emerged. Is the the only object lesson I can pass on...."

Of course, I also like "skemble emergod". :) Sounds like a friend of Arnold's.

Or... perhaps "skemble emergod" is Koren's "Rosebud". :)

I LOVE this post, and the letter is the coolest thing ever. I always knew you were cooler than me.
I'm all for Fuck you Fridays, but I also agree with your advice to me on not letting things in. I'm a circus of contridiction.

I would attend the Contridiction Circus. Will there be bike-riding Bears?

but I also agree with your advice to me on not letting things in.

Grizzled gets the credit for that one.

Maybe ZRM... but sans cheese. I also applaud your restraint. You know what I mean...

Bike-riding Bears are just not Bike-riding Bears without the cheese.

Even if it's only the cheese that Wisconsin sends to Kroger's out of state.

Even if it's only the cheese that Wisconsin sends to Kroger's out of state.

I think WI sent you fish's cheese by mistake. Who moved fish's cheese??

I just axed him that very question.

Thanks Kathleen! I'm glad you're happy! Don't go over to Von's! She's got The Human Centipede in her Netflix queue! You won't be happy anymore.

thundra- the only thing you should ask fish is if he'd like ice with his freezer.

So, ah, it's bears who may or may not have won the Superbowl riding bicycles, whilst angry at...cheese? and reading a letter to Jennifer. No wonder I keep coming back here.
About 15 years ago I wrote to an Australian media guy and got a nice letter back. Coolest thing.I think your letter is cooler tho'.

I also applaud your restraint.

Trying to be better-behaved zombie!! Difficult!!


K- I warned you.

AK- It's hard to keep track... but I think the bears are fully encased in cheese.

Cue fish's Cavallaro link. :)


I don't know how they get away with calling it Black Bear American Cheese, I don't see black bear anywhere in the list of ingredients.

Oleoresin American Cheese just doesn't sell as well.

Black Bears made it. You should support your local artisans


Bear making cheese.

I also agree with your advice to me on not letting things in
Apparently it's OK as long as it's the right one.


For ZRM.

Trying again.

For ZRM.

I am eating string cheese as I read these comments

Kathleen, at the Super Bowl party, people were drinking a Cranberry Vodka-based drink called "Goose Juice". They seemed to enjoy it.

I would like to hug fish.

I have it on good authority that hugging zombies is ill advised.

Romero is biased.

Valentine's Day is coming up... perhaps fish will get you some brain-shaped chocolates.

perhaps fish will get you some brain-shaped chocolates.

Did you see this?

Not delivering to the States, alas.

That's awesome.

these are good for zombies.

I guess zombies would have blue balls...

I guess zombies would have blue balls...

I would assume it's because female zombies are always frigid.

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