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January 18, 2011


Ha ha.

Some of the greatest hamming in history (outside politics, of course).

Ham n' Cheeeeeeeze!

outside politics, of course

Good point.

OK, I love the Shat, but haven't we all wanted to slap him across the room from time to time?

Why cut it off just before they come out to each other?
"I loves you Jim and I'm going to prove iiiitttt"

Why cut it off just before they come out to each other?
"I loves you Jim and I'm going to prove iiiitttt"

LOL! I know! I don't even remember what I was looking for this morning... all I know was I saw a promo video with that scenery chewing puss on it and I had to watch.

Yes, ZRM, we all wanted to smack him!

..updated with Kirk tripping out.

Leave it to A.K. to bring the slashfic.


Kinda related


About the scenery chewing;

I read somewhere that when he was still on stage up in Canada, he was tapped suddenly to fill in the lead in Hamlet. Having little time to rehearse and learn lines, his delivery became peppered with forceful pauses, in order to give him time to remember the words.

The reviews lauded the unique and forceful delivery of this young actor, adding a new interpretation to a classic. So OF COURSE he latched on to that mannerism like a lamprey.

Just goes to show, you shouldn't encourage actors. (veiled Sadly, No reference)

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