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January 26, 2011


Verrrrrrrrry Nice!

Good to see that you and Pinko have joined the growing field of orb-blogging.

The potential is unlimited!

I feel an overpowering urge to purchase snausages.

I suddenly feel like I need to remind people that there are bags of pig ears out there, and people need to buy them for their loving animules that never do anything wrong.

it looks like Demon-Dawg has just smooshed that fella against the wall.


Must. Buy. Snausages.

Must. Buy. Pig Ears.

Must. Hand. Over. Bank. Account. Numbers.

And you will like it!

ZRM- no smooshing was done, no fellas were harmed, in the photographing of this picture.


It's the dog of the Village of the Damned!

Fetch, Ubu, fetch.

Nay, master, it is you who will fetch!

Cylon Dog is scaring me.

That dog needs some black glasses stuck on...

You will fetch indeed!

hdb- I'm glad there's still something that can scare you.

ZRM- and where would I get those?? Oh WAIT!! Some extra nice zombizzle sent me some black glasses stickers and they arrived... TODAY! But, if I put on over his face, you won't see him because he'll be covered with a white sticker with black glasses on it. I plan on using them elsewhere...

I am totally encased in bright white dog love

:) As we all should be... sans fake crab...

I think they are phase-conjugate mirrors rather than lasers.

I didn't know there was a conjugal phase for mirrors.

you should no treat your pet like that.
it is not a good habits.

Do not look into beam with remaining eye.

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