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January 02, 2011


One of my favorite youtubers!


yup it's already good!

It's extra good with you in the world :-)

Back at ya, Miss Jane!!! I hope 2011 is filled with creative excitement and satisfaction for you!

You are going to upset PP with the Marley.

You are going to upset PP with the Marley.

She SAID 2011 was already good.


When I see this post on a sidebar, I read it as "2011: Owned."

Which is MUCH more direct.

LOL! I like that much better.

Yeah cool, I put Bob Marley: Legend" on the iPod last night to.
That video is from the Aussie Broadcasting "Rage" programme. A fabulous late night video programme than ran overnight Friday/Saturday when we lived there. Highlights were guest programmer Bob Geldoff who had all my faves and the Kiwi music nights which made me all homesick.

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