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December 07, 2010


pfft. colors. who cares about colors?


COME ON. I am SO kidding.

I have the same argument with missus zombie, who is an engineer, and wants every light to be fluorescent, and hell with color rendering.

Sometimes, people even pay me to care about colors!!

I know you were kidding, you WIENER! :)

Every light a fluorecent?!?! I'd become a serial killer... in seconds flat.

Sometimes, people even pay me to care about colors!!

And rectilinear spaces...

And rectilinear spaces...

I have one client who is always disappointed if my design for him does not contain a curve. In fact, I once designed this for him.

better picture...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that's a nice curve... a little blue, but still very nice.

Blue skies... long since they've been seen.

Now that's a large blue expanse I can live with.

Also, before BG comes over here and gets all in my face about the righteousness of blueness... there are a lot of blues that are AWESOME! I just don't necessarily care for colors that veer towards blue, when not being blue. I'd rather have an garnet red than a blue red. I'd rather have a yellow green than a blue green. That's all I'm sayin'. But some blues are great and a blue anodized, aluminum tumbler is still my favorite and makes my heart sing.

Pardon my interruption!

I just wanted to say that the dark is pretty cool.

Try the veal!

Did someone hear thunder?

"Also, before BG comes over here and gets all in my face about the righteousness of blueness" LOL

I am very bad with color. Which are the cool colors, which are the warm ones. I don't instinctively get it. I think all the colors I like are "warm" because that's a better emotion word (colors that are warm feel cozy) than "cool." I know, I'm an idiot. lol

I do get why you're not into the Easter egg colors at Christmastime though. That was perfect way to describe it! And I love the thought that you like to decorate your house "decade-appropriately."

All that being said, for years and years, all we did was decorate with blue lights. It was very soothing and glow-y. But, I think they were cool blue lights! I think! Not sure. :)

I remember a very big "all blue" phase in my childhood. I don't mind all blues lights at all. It's fun. I saw a great bunch last night where the blue was more of a phthalocyanine blue. It was awesome.

I can tell which colors I like because not only are they pleasing to the eye, but I get a hum in my chest. :) They strike a note within me that I can feel and then can hum. :) Ok, the men in white coats have just shown up...

What have you got against blue? It's not like it is red or something.

fish, fish, fish...

One fish two fish red fish blue fish


One fish two fish red fish blue fish



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