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September 01, 2010


Sleeping just interferes with beneficial hallucinations.

Don't get carried away.

Isn't that a Styx song?

Why, yes, yes it is!

If the year were a stairway, one of the cats would throw up on the fifth step

I have often thought that it would be good if someone made a hot-air balloon in the shape of a series of steps. Then people on the ground would be pointing up while it floated overhead, asking "What the hell is that!", and I would able to say "Ha ha, it's a flight of stairs".

HDB is banned.

IF that is his real name!

Waking up In A different place?

Sounds like college days.

No Neil Diamond love?

No, not for that one. I'll give Neil some love for others, but not that one.

Jennifer, I've been thinking about your stairs analogy, thinking I'm never as jarred by the Aug to Sept transition. Then this morning, I was out on our deck and looked up -- and my favorite tree is turning yellow already! It's seriously like someone flipped a switch.

I experienced a mind trip! And thought of you immediately.

BG- it's the mental thing for me... that change from August, so mentally a summer month, into the ber (or brrr) months. I know things are changing on a physical level- leaves sound different in August, zinnias get mildewy, cicadas are LOUD, but I can still think it's summer. When I hear "September", I know we're in the last stretch of the year.

I haven't noticed much tree color-change around here other than that caused by not enough rain. Maybe yours is the same. Although fall is my favorite season, I'm not ready for leafless trees yet!

Could this comment be ANY LONGER? :)

Oh, I can't wait until there's a wonderful nip in the air and the snow is flying. Thanks for putting me in a winter state of mind!

How much more time until Summerfest?

lol @ Snag. :)

For me, it's a wonderful, exhilerating slide from the end of summer to the start of the NFL season. Sundays will become meaningful again.

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