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September 24, 2010


My Oma would take a slice of white bread (a little stale) put butter on it, and put sugar on top of the butter. Not toasted, which might have made this slightly edible, not brown sugar. Just white bread/butter/sugar.

My Oma :) As you know, that's what my parents go by... Oma and Opa.

LOL! My childhood best friend's mother did the very same thing. I was telling someone that the other day... how way back when, you didn't ever expect a snack at someone's house and how if you got one, you never knew what it would be. My friend's mother would take Wonder Bread, smear it with oleo (not even butter) and then would sprinkle it all with shite sugar. :) Yep, same deal. Could you imagine trying to give that out as a snack today?? You'd have the neighborhood chasing you down with pitchforks and torches!

You will no doubt be surprised to learn that I'm a big fan of this.

P.S. These days, I rarely buy sweet things. Pickles, olives, cheese, and hot peppers catch my attention instead.

Gee, imagine thundra liking something with a Grateful Dead-inspired name!!?!

Grizzled likes Cherry Garcia, but most of the time, he wants the cherries unadulterated. That didn't sound right, did it??

My sweet tooth has definitely lessened as I've gotten older, but if I am having a desire for sweets, it's got to be the right thing and no amount of black walnut ice milk will suffice!

Olives... yum. There's also a wonderful olive bar at the new store. Again, yum.

GAH! Sweet Soup!

To this day, anything with tapioca gives me the willies.

Oh yeah, I can see how Sweet Soup would be a bummer if you really wanted chocolate pudding. It sounds like getting fruitcake instead of getting brownies.

However, I do confess to liking tapioca even though Grizzled calls it horse snot...

What scary things did your grandparents try to pass off as dessert??

Travelling salesmen.

There was a Firesign Theatre bit where an aged actor comes on a game show and the host says, "You're looking very fit, George. What's your secret?" And old George says, "I don't eat."

That reminds me of my paternal grandmother. I honestly can't remember her ever eating.

This is it. One grandparent lived long enough for me to remember her but she was living on insulin and akvavit.

Dan- Yes, I also recall elderly relatives who subsisted on a corner of toast.

hdb- oh my... shots for everyone!

Ha! I missed SMcG's link! Now it makes even more sense.

See also Parents.

What scary things did your grandparents try to pass off as dessert??

I didn't really have that issue because my grandma worked for a candy distribution company. I had more free candy then I knew what to do with.

I guess there is one scary part: we used to get boxes of candy cigarettes, and when I'd play army with my friends, I'd offer cigarettes to someone we captured as a prisoner.

Candy Cigarettes. Hah

Nowadays, they have just gone to marketing cigarettes directly to kids.

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