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September 26, 2010


8:45 AM: Man shows up at house with a package. IT'S THE DAMN TOASTER! DELIVERED ON A SUNDAY MORNING... almost exactly 24 hours after spying it in the catalog.

I wonder what else this would work on...


Whirrled Peas?

Whirrled Peas?

We could only hope. The politicians would probably still mess it up.

See, skeptics? Religion works!

Now that's just crazy talk...

I want a pony. Would make me feel better.

See, skeptics? Religion works!

Imagine if the apostles had wished for a bagel maker instead of a savior.

I wonder what else this would work on...


Don't get a pony. You plug them in and they just fall over dead.

Note to self... stop plugging in the ponies.

Brando- a bagel kind of looks like a lifesavior.

Hmmmm... Bonus points you say... if I could just get me some bonus points... Hmmmm

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