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August 11, 2010


I'm here....


It is too late for me. I'm trapped in HUD Hell.

Just got home from work (7:49 PM here in EST). And I sneaked out, plenty of the other wage-slaves are still in their cubicles.

Snag magnet, or snaget if you will.

You didn't take a picture of the billboard, Jennifer?

I tried to google it, but fail. So there's this.

I left the camera up there and couldn't grab the cell phone in time. It turned out to be a Taco Hell billboard... advertising the return of their bacon monstrosity chalupa-cthulhu wrap.


I was stuck in the Las Vegas airport once. We were awarded "food" coupons (good at the airport only) for our torture. We went to Taco Hell.

I've never returned. McDonalds is better than that cr@p. And I don't like McDonalds.

Yknow, I live in Philly, which has a rep for being a fat town of fat fatty-food enthusiasts, but I swear I've never seen so many rotund people as I did in Milwaukee. Fish fry dinners! German restaurants! That ungodly delicious custard! Bacon!

I'm getting very hungry now and I think I will have to break my diet this week and buy some: BACON!

Fish fry dinners!


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