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August 23, 2010


Be sure to enlarge the cauliflower leaf photo as large as possible. When you max it out, the morning dew on the right leaf looks like glitter!

The moth is what adds the crunch to a nice bowl of steamed cauliflower.

That moth looks like a skipper, Jennifer.

Using the handy-dandy butterfly identifier, I'm guessing a Leonards Skipper or a Pecks Skipper.

I hope we'll both be welcome at the Old Entomologist if we should ever make it to New Zealand!

Here's another picture of a Peck's Skipper.

Ha! Well it's nice to know. We have a ton of those this year.

Here's a list of skippers native to Wisconsin.

Both Peck's and Leonard's are on the list, as is the Common Checkered Skipper. But that one seems a bit brighter than the Peck's and the one in your picture.

I'm pretty sure it's a skipper, at least...


thundra- but what about ones native to IL??

Thanks, Kathleen!

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