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August 22, 2010


TypePad's font sizing and spacing was wigging out on me while typing this so it is what it is... if it looks insane to you, you're not insane... the program was. Ok, or maybe the blogger using the program was...

Gray, while once only a rare and amusing strand, was becoming more plentiful.

Well that's just no fair!

P.S. I started getting grey hairs shortly after college. Now I have a head full of mostly silver (o.k. white) hair. Yet it does cover my head, so there's that.

Here's a trainer of hair stylists who offers "a huge and complete variety of curses". Any help?

a butt load of hair
Not really where you want it.

thundra- Grizzled's hair seems to be migrating to his shoulders and back, but it's Grizzled, so it's ok. Hurray for you for keeping it on your head. :)

hdb- Ha! Training curses indeed!!! And... point taken on the butt load...

My mom went gray and frazzly starting at 21. I used to have a lustrous Q-tip head and now I have to wear a hat.

And now I have the possibility of eyebrows from hell. God damn it, hair!!!!!!!

Lustrous Q-tip head! :) And what is it with men and their eyebrows?? It's like everything they've kept bottled up inside comes springing out in crazy eyebrows!

I have to say, Jennifer, that was a very effective mislead you opened this post with. I really thought I was on my way to some serious, serious drama (not to diminish the "trauma" of a thinning mane), when it's all about you and your hair which I'm sure you have loads of. I guess that makes you, just like what they do to women's hair in parts of Jersey, a "big tease".

Hey, thanks for the link!

I guess that makes you, just like what they do to women's hair in parts of Jersey, a "big tease".

:) Yes, I suppose so. But I'm no Snooki!

You're more than welcome for the link. I only wish you'd get as many hits as I still have hairs on my head... not that you need them.

And what is it with men and their eyebrows?
Indeed. Also, this business with random ear-hair. It was not mentioned anywhere in the specifications.

And what is it with men and their eyebrows?

It scares the childrens, which is handy when one is telling them to GET OFFA MAH LAWN!!!

Your hair is Gorgeous. Really, and I totally look at people's hair. YOu have awesome awesome hair!!!

LOL! Your check is in the mail, Von. :) And... you should have seen my hair 20 years ago!! Oh hell, you should have seen all of me 20 years ago. It was all better. :) Except for my imagination. It just keeps getting better and better... and my appreciation for things... and my love of all things 4-legged and furry... and my choice in friends... :)

and my appreciation for things

Zombie shout-out!!

TLB had to deal with this very early. She inherited her father's early gray (he looked like Phil Donohue by 30), but found her answers at the bottom of a bottle.

Yeah... I've seen the bottom of that bottle, but gray hair just doesn't hold color like the rest... :(

I feel like this is a post to me from the future through a wormhole. I have awesome hair!!! It's my rock.

Make sure your rock doesn't crumble!!! :)

GC is losing gobs of it post The Goob incubation and it is really bothering her.

Yeah only if you are bad ass wizard with crazy power would eyebrows from hell be acceptable.

Oh, I remember the post-child molt... it's a little scary even though you're just going back to normal. Gestation is an amazing hair and nail time.

I don't miss my hair. I look better now than I did 10 years ago. My hair used to be so thick that my hairdresser would make me schedule a double-appointment to cut it. By never counting on it, it never let me down.

Poor Kathleen... this does seem to be her destiny.

UC! Congratulations again!

Well, I'm glad you don't miss your hair and you do look good as is (although I've never seen otherwise), however, even when I got charged twice as much for highlights, etc, due to the amount of hair, I still loved every strand of it...

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