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July 14, 2010


I once had an orange in San Francisco like your peaches. Staying at a youth hostel out there, not much money, but enough to buy an orange from a street vendor. Ate it on the way back to my room and it was so, so good, that I went back to get more. By then the vendor had packed up and left. I don't know if I'll ever eat a piece of fruit that good again, and oranges aren't even usually my favorite.

Sometimes I wonder if it was a dream.

San Francisco, eh?

I have a suspicion to the reason why Snag's orange tasted so good...

Snag- that orange sounds wonderful. Sometimes to I think the ideal produce experience occurs when you're thirstier or hungrier than you realized, add that to an already excellent piece of fruit and blammo... it's one for the produce scrapbook of good experiences. I still have fond memories of a tomato from '78.

Zombizzle... don't harsh Snag's orange mellow! I bet zombies like cherimoyas! They kind of have the texture of brains. No, wait, they smell too good. Zombies probably like durian. They smell like rotting brains. :)

Brad and I have a phrase for the experience of otherworldly deliciousness and we stole it from Cicero who said that hunger is the best sauce. I think that Snag's orange just had hunger sauce on it.

I know that tomato I had did... same with a ham sandwich I remember from '74. We had spent all day at Warren Dunes... lots of swimming and lots of running up and down sand dunes. Someone had brought sliced ham and wheat bread... just that squishy, not really bread, wheat bread. That was the sandwich, nothing else. It was wonderful. I'm sure it had hunger sauce all over it.

one year in college, I was on a low budget cuz financial aid hadn't come in yet. Us Baby architects went on a driving trip around Chicago and other areas, and I spent most of my time at happy hours eating free food.

When I got back to my apartment, hungry as hell and ready to raid my cupboards, I discovered my roommate and another guy had gotten drunk the night before and eaten all my food.

"What?" he said "I'll buy you some food tomorrow." ignoring the fact that I hadn't eaten much in four days.

Another friend was having a party that night. College parties; all alcohol, no food. But those drinks had plenty of hunger sauce on them.

Snag needs to write a kids' book about the Magic Fruitshop that is gone without trace when you look for it a second time.

Those flat peaches were just taking off in Europe a couple of years ago but apparently they've been growing in Spain for ages, and as of last year even the English were discovering them.

Egads... I'm behind the English on my fruit curve.

Snag's currently busy on a pissed unicorn book, but I'm sure he can put the Magic Fruitshop into the queue...

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