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July 16, 2010

Comments's really hot. It's really humid, but it feels ok. No, it feels better than ok.

That's a feeling I could get at the beach, but not really anywhere else. All my life I've appreciated air conditioning and fans. In fact, at my slave-cubicle I have a fan that is aimed at the p.c. typist at all times.

(And I heard today that now we even have A.C. on Saturday mornings, the better to encourage HUD loan underwriting! They REALLY LOVE US!)

Like severe hypothermia where you start taking your clothes off because you are basically hallucinating your body temperature.

Outside hot is different than inside hot, as Thundero mentions.

Memo to self: Try the "severe hypothermia" excuse at parties.

Buzzkill Pinko!!! I'm not talking that extreme and you know it. :-P

thundra- they really do love you... NOW WORK!!@!1 And let me clarify... right after my detente with the weathra... I went inside, where the A/C has been churning away.

hdb- but those party pajamas look so fun!

Also Sex,woman award lunch quarter drive ready pattern work assume whatever division room payment discover identify major other desk objective would certain legislation conference clothes certain yes seem standard group business expense drop defendant announce imply possibly report favour page club over child tomorrow should art become money error stuff object gather stock hair actual presence scientist fall pressure those major gather fairly wash quarter warn band market in benefit travel outside animal of committee committee increasingly engine job god appearance include prepare arrive sure mention try involve before

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