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July 17, 2010


Shirley you meant Tongariro?

I did... and I have fixed the damn link. My firefox keeps crashing this morning. Maybe it needs more coffee.

Now I have to go chop up fruit!

The world is my produce section- I've been scarfing wild mulberries and raspberries for weeks now, and the pea-sized "two seeds per fruit" wild grapes are ripening early. On the veggie front, I've been blessed with an abundance of nettles, lambs' quarters, and purslane, and the wild grape leaves look perfect for stuffing. I've scoped out a couple of thistle plants (ouchy, but artichokey) as well.

Loved the earlier fruit post. I used to do "stange fruit (not like the song)" night years ago, where I'd buy a fruit I'd never had, and eat it before boozing it up. Star fruit and Asian pear made their debuts on these nights.

We have a butt load of purslane, but I've never had the nerve to try it. How do you eat it?? I thought I recalled salad recipes. Do you eat the stems as well as the little succulent leaves?

I swear, I just ripped out a bunch of the stuff and was thinking again, this is supposed to be edible...

If you ever get a chance to try guaba, I highly recommend it. It was funky and awesome. It would have been perfect for strange fruit night.

My firefox keeps crashing this morning. Maybe it needs more coffee.

More red wine on the keyboard.

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