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May 15, 2010



Time flies like the wind...

Seriously? It's been a year and it's here again already?


Not that we have to give our favorite Zombie some love but that time goes so by so fast.

A whole post for zombies. Lovely and touching.

As long as the zombies don't hug me back...

We bite because of rejection like that, Dan.

I am happily surprised that the celebration hasn't been commercialised yet.

You haven't gone into a Hallmark Shoppe lately, Doktor. Just ask one of the 3 Weird Sisters. Lots of zombies there.

I would prefer this day happen on a weekday so we could all get a day off. Can you shamblers get on this? Have The UndeadPAC get to work.


Next Year!! Definitely, Looch.

And when your boss objects, refer him to the Undead Civil Liberties Union.

By 2012, Obama better make it a new Monday Holiday, or we'll eat his branes.

Friday would work, also.

By the way, Jennifer, you are right.


They are a varied lot.

Did someone say Clematis

I believe someone did say Clematis, herr doktor. (IF that is your real name!)

Yes, someone did say Clematis.

We had a lovely Clematis until Little Squirmy Dog decided it was the place to pee all winter. Alas, it did not come back. :(

I tried to show a zombie some love. My blog and internet connection were not having it.
There's always next year

Von- I'm guessing the undead will still be undead next year. :)

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