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May 17, 2010


Between HoS and Kathleen's we need WAY more kitties.

that seriously helped. I've just been scrolling through Cute Overload.

Fox kits

OMG, that is beyond awesome! lol

Meercat Manor!

I have a fear of animals on two legs who are meant for four. This is no exception!

Shades of The Cat Returns.

BG- it is awesome.

Dan- one of our dogs stands like that and I always think of the meercats.

Erika- see above comments... and, I hope you didn't read Substance's link where... "The cat was standing on both legs and dusting itself like a human being would."


thundra- I'm sure those foxes helped Kathleen. She needs it after the human centipede.

kitty is watching the zombie Horde advance.

All cats are equal but some are more equal than others.

When I saw that cat standing on two legs, my first thought was, "Oh no, the kitties are finally getting ready to take over!". Then I remembered that they own us already.

I also agree with the zombie that we need more kitties, although perhaps not for the purpose he's thinking of (" brains..").

All cats are equal but some are more equal than others.

you are obviously not a cat owner, or you would know the folly of this clear implication that you will be dressing the cats in human clothes.

Happy Friday!

Is everybody's blog clean?

Have you never encountered my coblogger?

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