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May 30, 2010


Spider Dog Sees All!

Are you sure fish isn't in the house????

ALSO, the last trip to the supe revealed a large number of DoD items.

Louise Bourgeois and I approve.

PS I don't remember any 6-eyed spider-dogs in teh Book of Revelation. Perhaps I should read it again this time without the drugs.

Louise Bourgeois and I approve.

Yeah, I thought those legs looked familiar. :)

thundra- that doesn't give me any peace.

Pinko- Moving to the Big Cinnamon Bun, or whatever it is, will at least flesh out your DorD portfolio.

Spider Dog needs drag-&-drop Bad Ronald glasses.

Spider Dog needs drag-&-drop Bad Ronald glasses

LOL! That's exactly what I told her. I said he needed the black glasses, which she's working on, although she's not familiar with the drop and drag... however, I did show her the moose with d&d glasses/leeches/blinking eyes.

And then I told her never to go to that site again... without parental consent. :)

Drag-&-drop uses some Javascript code which I found out about by looking at the HTML source-code from Substance's site to see how he does it. lets us install Javascripts from 3rd-party sources... I have no idea how Typepad does it.

Nice one, lamblet.

Spider Dog Sees All!

Yet YOU have to clean up the poop.

Also looking forward to the animated version of Spiderdog.

That's so creepy, it gave me chills. That could be because of all the spiders I've gone up against lately.

Wow. That's just.... Wow.

Wow. That's just.... Wow.

That's just a mindf***.

Shannon- I feel for you. However, if the spiders are over there, they're not over here, and I'm glad for that.

Would a spider dog poop more or less?

RIP Louise Bourgeois.

a rogue talent.

Would a spider dog poop more or less?

counting by legs, twice as much.

counting by eyes, ewww.

Wow. Funny and mean all at the same time.....I'm totally stealing the lamblets away.....they must be related to me is some way.

RIP Louise Bourgeois.
Now I have a sad.

Funny and mean all at the same time

Yep, as can only be done by those you love and trust.

Now I have a sad.

Yep as well.

Louise Bourgeois is an excellent name. We will always have spiderwoman.

I say this with no joking: I was less freaked out by the Human Centipede.

I do not think spider-dog-money will catch on.

Also looking forward to the animated version of Spiderdog.

Hmm...getting the legs working would take actual math skills if I tried articulating the legs a little and doing a movie...

mmmhmmm. thissurprised.


Substance McG has been bad.

look who's talking.

oh dear. evil AND awesome

Now hideous eye motions and a waggling head.

Perhaps it was meant to help you love spiders the way you love dogs...
Just Maybe.

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