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April 21, 2010


Love to you and yours Jennifer. xo

A very lovely post. Thinking of you and your family.
I like you a whole lot.

I'm so sorry to hear about your father, Jennifer.

It's a testament to our little community that I feel genuinely moved by posts like these, when blog friends whom I have (mostly) never met deal with life struggles. There is a lot of affection amid the sarcasm.

There's something wrong with that. We should be taught to struggle to spit out the venom, not the love.

Perfectly stated.

Hug for Jennifer!

And we love you, too, Jen.

We do.
Peace to you, J.

Thanks everyone. I'm feeling a tad sheepish... I wasn't intending this to be a plea for love-fest... am just on the big, scary roller coaster of life right now and was winging the post this morning, but I appreciate the comments.

"I wasn't intending this to be a plea for love-fest"

We knew that and love you for it! No need to feel sheepish, my dear.

Love, love, and more love to you and yours as you ride this big, scary roller coaster.

Waaaaaa! Of course this one got me right where I live. Dad has been saying that same phrase to me in recent years. If you ask him, 'How are you feeling? What are you thinking?' he will just say, 'Feeling pretty good.' As far as what he is thinking. Hmmmm.... If you have ears to hear, the message is right there, isn't it? Some people are not able to say what they are thinking but if you listen to what they do say you can pretty much figure it out. I know you have. I know that this is not universal.

Went through the same thing with Missus Zombie's dad, and her mom is now going the same way. It's very tough.

we'll be here when you feel like posting, Jennifer.

Meanwhile, now maybe I need to go over to fish's to spread the love....

Amen, sister.

When we do not plea for love fest
we get love fest
that's how we roll.
you deserve love fest.

It's really hard going through this ordeal, but you always find that you have the strength you need to come through.

You are appreciated and we like YOU!

what BG and Brando and everyone else said

geez,i'm awfully sorry,jennifer. that's really
rough- and i know what a kind, sensitive person you are. you and your family will be in my thoughts.

Love You :-) xox

I am sure that the 'Generic cialis' currently commenting on other threads is just another well-wisher, but DO NOT TRUST his or her medical advice.

Jennifer, I'm so sorry you're father is beginning to lose himself.

I once had a boyfriend whose father kissed him on the mouth by way of greeting. It delighted me so much I never asked how it started but only told him I admired it. This was in late adolescence, not the beginning, so he was appreciative, not embarrassed. Despite my urging, however, my loving children flat-out refuse to accept this gesture.

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