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April 07, 2010


hmmmmm. I've been meaning to get back to WI.

Do it!

How about I just put my kids on a Greyhound and send them to you for a couple weeks?

Snag- how about you leave your kids at home and put yourself on the Greyhound?

What part of WI ? Sounds Great!!

Southeast. Not as close as it could be, but not impossible!

August seems to be a time when I'll be free. Are there specific dates in mind?

I think I still owe you a CD, too.

MenD- the weekends mentioned so far are the 6-8th or the 13-15th, but we often just stay up there for a week in August, so I'm thinking it may just be a 10 day free-for-all... people can come up/down when it works. Grizzled's got some friends who may pass through as well.

Von said she's probably on board as well. I'm guessing the Zombie might be able to swing it if he ever finds his pants and his way back home.

Pick the weekend it's not going to rain...

Or snow,


PANTS are required?

No Brando then.

I'm guessing even if Brando found his pants, he'll be busy with moving plans. We could kidnap him.

Von is a verrrrry strong maybe, leaning towards the likely. As in, I've penciled both weekends in my calendar because I don't want to miss it.
Von does not wear pants in the summer, skirts and dresses are summer clothes.
I will pick Brando and fam up and bring them up!

I picture a Wacky Hijinks kind of movie...

August may be tough for us. Moving, beach vacation, and also fantasy football draft. Those are not necessarily in order of priority.

Brando hatez zombies

I think I'm going to make a cardboard cut-out of Brando using the white pants photo so we can include him in the activities... and then blackmail him. :)

ZRM- it's snowing out right now. :(

Don't worry about us in the upside downy regions.

AK- you get your hiney up here and I'll even guarantee you a bedroom! Just leave all wetas at home...

Hold onna minnit

August? Won't the iPad have destroyed society by then ?

It's race between the I-pad and the large Hadrons colliding into us. My money is on Apple, no body does that world annihilation quite like them

Kiwi, you know as well as I do that the Zombocalypse will beat out both of those.

i magine a double feature. Jennifer and Michael Feldman. Yeah, i'm every bit the kind of nerd that plans a vacation around blog friends and an NPR show.

But that's why we lahve you! :) You're a brave soul to even consider leaving the pleasant East Coast for the dog's mouth that is the Midwest in August...

FYI- if you are serious... our place is between an hour and an hour and a half to Madison.

Sounds like fun, but my summer travel schedule is going to be pretty busy it seems. I'm not a lake house person anyway :) Or an anything-to-do-with-the-outdoors-that-happens-outside-of-city-limits person, for that matter. Seriously, you people. :) :)

Mandos- the house is downright civilized and you don't even have to go out if you don't want to. However, if you ever make it to Chicago, you should let us know. I'll even eat a tuna melt in your honor.

oops. a PRI show, not NPR. I'm that big a nerd too.

Well, at least you didn't mean CPR.

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