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March 24, 2010


Two or three pilgrims? Sounds like one of those vague recipes.

Why is there pilgrims on the list, but not Vons?
I object!

7) Tool belt

watching batman? or god forbid, home improvement?

Many years ago, I joined a bar darts team on the East Side. Real darts, not those plastic thingies. At the first match, we were trying to come up with a name for the team, and started a list. We had several names written down, and I added "Thousand Points Of Light". One of the other team members came back to the table, and saw the list, thinking it was a shopping list for their upcoming camping trip, somehow interpreting TPOL as "matches". She added "new cooler"

So we became Landmark Lanes New Cooler.

ZRM- It's a good thing you're no longer Billy Pilgrim or you might be in danger.

Von- Sorry. I saw that twine was added, but still no Von.

aif- I'm guessing Batman... the Adam West variety.

thundra- it does kind of sound like one of Snag's recipes. Had there been a moose and bourbon on the list, I would have thought Snag was in the house.

What, no Peeps?

howdy pilgrim


howdy pilgrim


fish- I was going to link to something at your place, but you've edited it so severely, it was impossible.

a moose and bourbon on the list
Is it OK if I imagine this in a bad Russian accent?

Boris, how are we going to steal bourbon from moose and squirrel?

I'm guessing Batman... the Adam West variety.

ah Daylight Batman - the best of the best!

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